By Dr Samuel Nicholas Duymun

Only in Mauritius, we had such a very grave scandalous situation where a government politician pervert exhibits his obscene personal anatomy to a woman on the IT Network by trying to exploit the girl’s weakness and ambition. And yet we have a PM who tries to find all sorts of excuses and pretext to delay such a serious crime by saying loud and clear that he is waiting for the completion of  the police enquiries in this matter to decide. What police enquiry the PM is talking about?

We all know that the police have already acted on a complaint of precautionary measure by the victim and have given the involved MP namely Kalyan Tarolah a warning. So  don’t take the population to be your fool Mr Prime Minister! The longer you take to sanction the said so called “honorable” Kalyan Tarolah, the worst it becomes for your already lame duck MSM political party to stand the test of good governance. The question the electorate keep asking is: Are you only a PM who is good to “souille les malpropreté de votre deputé Tarolah?” not to say the dirts of others MPs namely Soodhun, Jaunbaccus, Rutnah,and Teeluckdharry .

Day by day this government is declining speedily and believe me there won’t be any return to power this time. The dice is already cast by the population. The whole population is disgusted with this government morally, politically, economically and structurally. Electorates from all the 20 constituencies of Mauritius are waiting for actions of the PM against the PPS Tarolah who is considered as the PM’s “zenfant gaté”. Will Pravind Jugnauth go in history as a PM good enough to wipe off the shit of his MPS? Or will he go as a man of conviction and action that has no fear to revoke any of his MP who transgresses. Only time will tell !

The latest scandal affecting this government by PPS Kalyan Tarolah is regarded as the mother of all scandals so far. There is a public perception that both the police and ICAC are taking a very long time to enquire and take necessary actions against any one within the government who has contravened the law. On the other side, we note that victims or plaintiffs who made allegations against MPs are more prone to be  summoned by police for investigation. It’s a world in reverse !

Anyway , there is no doubt that if today the MSM is declining badly, it is thanks to  all those so-called “honorables” of the like Tarolah, Soodhun, Rutnah, Dayal, Jaunbaccus, Teluckdharry, Gayan and a lack of a firm leadership. If Anerood Jugnauth were in a position of power in office of a PM, most of these above mentioned “honorables” would have been revoked ! Today what does one expect from a  very weak and  an unconstitutional PM who has got no gut to sanction even an ordinary simple PPS of the like Tarolah who has committed the mother of all scandals?

On the other hand, the voters are left with no choice about which political party to vote in the next general election. It would appear that whichever political party wins the next general election, it will be a victory by default. Where are those political critics and observers of the like Allain Gordon-Gentil, Gilbert Ahnee,  , Raj Meetarbhan and Ahmad Macky who used to elaborate their political views as a sort of guidance for the voters  to reach a decision. “Ou sont ces neiges d’antan?” Let’s hope they come forward and elaborate their political views for the voters to note and decide! This sort of exercise helps them in their decision to vote.

The bookmakers whom I met at Baie-du Tombeau last week have already forecast a victory of Boolell in the forthcoming by-election of Constituency No 18 with or without an MSM or ML candidate. Personality of a candidate is one of the  priorities as quality of the assessment of most constituents of No 18. And Boolell fits this political cap but not Ramgoolam and his Labour Party. Neither the MMM and PMSD nor the MSM and Reform Party will make it in this by-election. No wonder why the MSM is very hesitant to put their candidate.

The public eyes are on Maya Hanoomanjee, the Speaker of the National Assembly to see whether or not she will take actions against PPS Kalyan Tarolah for using the wifi of Parliament in order to send obscene selfies within the vicinity of Parliament through IT Network. According to certain lawyers, there is a prima facie case of contempt of Parliament  done by the said PPS. Let us not forget that justice has got to be done and seen to be done.