by Dr  Samuel Nicholas Duymun

Nearly three years now, the government keeps sweeping in the forecourts of their neighbours in an endeavour to clean the country but forget to sweep the dirt that is found in their own backyard. Since L’Alliance Lepep took power in 2014, we are left with the worst ‘bilan’ the country ever gets.

Minister Soodhun commits blunders over blunders such as (1) Putting a public communiqué on the 5th June 2017 to say that Mauritius has nothing to do with Qatar in so far as trade and business are concerned. This, of course, was denied by our Minister for Foreign Affairs. (2) There was an allegation of Rs 1 million by Kedar Chapekar, an Indian business man, also a CEO of Gareware Infra Projects Ltd, which Soodhun obtained on 4th June 2017 for the issue of an enterprise contract which never comes to light. This matter was published in the press. (3) The death threat against the Leader of the Opposition, Xavier Duval by Soodhun at a religious function on the 18th July, 2017 in Flacq. (4) Soodhun is alleged to have lied in Parliament in answering to a question of Reza Uteem, a member of the Opposition regarding the selection of names of potential occupiers entitled to get NHDC housing and thus involved a certain Mr Rajendra Dassyne, President of Notaries. (5) The return of Soodhun from Saudi Arabia to Mauritius on the 3rd August in the private jet of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman due to a supposedly health problem affecting Soodhun. (6) On a visit to Saudi Arabia in February 2016, the Saudi Gazette presented him as Minister of Islamic Affairs. He has equally affirmed that Mauritius supported the actions of Saudi Arabia against Iran. (7) In November 2015, Soodhun has insulted the personnel of Air Mauritius by saying that it was degrading to travel by Air Mauritius. (8) On the 24 August, 2010 there was a bill of Rs 396,176 for the treatment of Soodhun as a patient at Apollo Bramwell (now Wellkin Hospital) when he was Minister of Commerce. This debt of Soodhun was struck off in 2014. (9) The purchase of a Mercedes E250 of a value Rs 2.1 million and of a Mitsubishi ASX discounted to Rs 787,050 for Gbrent Ltd, the company of his son. These factures have made lots of polemics. (10) His arrogance against a lady.

And yet, we have a PM that takes no action against the blunders of Soodhun. Is it not Pravind Jugnauth who keeps telling members of his party to toe the line in so far as discipline of the party is concerned and that he is a firm disciplinarian. Today the same Pravind Jugnauth as PM, keeps tolerating MPs like Jaddoo, Teeluckdharry and Soodhun.

Today we have got a Prime Minister (Pravind Jugnauth) coming not through the front door but from the “linposte” of a back window. The Jugnauths seem to think that this country are their property. The PM can’t differentiate between the value and virtue of human dignity with his “katiakcharlie” tramway, the so-called Metro Express. Many of poor people’s homes have been raised to the ground in La Butte and Cite Barkly and left homeless.

Did you know that the majority of the population is no longer with L’Alliance Lepep since this government has downgraded the Rawat family and ruined the BAI enterprise?

The massive resignation of the PMSD is a blessing for our democracy. Xavier Duval is no fool in politics as he knows why his team had left the Jugnauths’ government. The Prosecution Commission Bill is one of the reasons that have provoked his political party to leave this repressive government but the real reason will be known soon.

This is the ‘swan’s song’ of this government. The Jugnauths government is taking on board lots of “transfuges” (ramassis) who just join the MSM for their own personal interest. The Jugnauths want those “transfuges” (ramassis) just to obtain a three-quarter majority in Parliament to subdue the power of all those who pose as obstacles on their paths. A classical example of that is when the Jugnauths try to oust the DPP from office. But thank goodness, the Jugnauth government will not get a three-quarter majority no matter how hard it tries!

Today after nearly three years since the government is in power, we have more than 47,000 unemployed people, including over 6,000 university graduates. In certain areas in the East and West of the country there is a constant shortage of water. Some people in certain remote areas have no access to tap water. Prices in the shops and supermarkets are rocketing sky high where people can’t make both ends meet.

Is this the beginning of the end of L’Alliance Lepep’s government? Many people are shunning this government and have realized that they have voted capitalism, nepotism and repression.