PRAY FOT YHEM : “Jordan Valley” The Ongoing Rape!

The Palestinian farmers are living very difficult times. They don’t know what to do as they know that Israel of Benjamin Netanyahu will annex the illegally occupied Jordan Valley. The future is very dark for the Palestinian farmers.

Jordan Valley is known as the breadbasket for the Palestinians. Jordan Valley is very fertile strategic for all those who have a “dirty mind of conquest.” As all valleys Jordan Valley is nestled between mountain ranges to the West on the Israeli side and to the East on the Jordanian side. The Jordan River (water is gold in that part of the world) flows down the centre of Jordan Valley and empties into the Dead Sea. Jordan Valley is about 120 miles long (about four times the length of Mauritius) and 6 miles wide. Do you know that Jordan Valley is known as the lowest Valley on the planet? Jordan valley is some 300-400 metres below sea level.

It is strategic. And was very strategic in the beginning of the twentieth century? We must not lose sight that before World War I the Ottoman Empire had been controlling the region for four centuries. The British forces took over as from the time of the World War I. The strategic heights allow the approaches not only to the Holy City of Jerusalem (in Arabic Al-Quds – literally meaning the “Holy One”.) but also to other regional areas like Damascus and Amman. In fact the British astutely used these strategic heights to defeat the local Ottoman forces. After World War I, Jordan Valley which had been a single political entity under the Ottomans was split up the middle by the then world powers. The British mandate controlled the area to the west of Jordan River. It is how the term “West Bank” was coined as it means the West side of Jordan River.

The 1947 UN partition plan assigned the northern half and the southern tip of Jordan Valley to Israel. In the 1967 war the “status” of Jordan Valley changed dramatically as the Israeli forces captured the entire West Bank of the Jordan River with its strategic assets.

Jordan Valley makes up 30% of the West Bank and constitutes half of its agricultural land. The 105 km fertile strip of land connects the West Bank with Jordan.

What will happen for the Palestinian farmers?

Annexation means that Israeli laws over the land Israel will apply Israeli laws over the land. Where to plant? What to plant? When to plant? With whom must you send your produce? How much water is allowed to irrigate?

Do you know (the Western media will not tell you) that out of the 88,000 cubic feet of water produced by the two Palestinian wells, the “majority” is diverted to the illegally settlements reserved only for Jews. Out of the 88,000 cubic feet of water produced by the two Palestinian wells only 4,200 cubic feet of water is left for the Palestinians living in the nearby regions. And after the annexations it can’t be better! If the Palestinians are deprived of water resources it is clear that the younger generation will leave the area. It is all part of a wider strategy where time is of the essence.

In the last ten years Israel has demolished 800 houses in Jordan Valley. Get rid of your houses so that you get of the area. And in fact around 50,000 Palestinians have evacuated from the area.

Today we have around 60,000 Palestinians and about 11,000 Jewish settlers who are living on the Palestinian lands illegally and in gross violation of the International law.

The Israelis (these dirty fascists who are not far away from the racist mentality of the Nazis) have:

  1. Plundered the Palestinian lands;
  2. Expropriated Palestinian property;
  3. Stolen the water of the Palestinians;
  4. Demolished the houses of the Palestinians;
  5. Uprooted the agricultural products of the Palestinians;
  6. Expelled Palestinians from Jordan Valley;
  7. Imprisoned the youth who have stood against the Israeli oppressors.

Do you think that Israel is scared of the empty threats of Macron and Merkel? Will Macron & Merkel act as they have done against Russia following the annexation in the Ukraine?