Why is Israel so successful with its fascist policies? Why is the Arab world so divided? Why do we see European Political Parties which are Pro-Palestinian fail suddenly? Why American candidates for the presidency are so shy to speak of the Apartheid’s policies of Israel? How come Israel has been allowed to rape (yes? I am deliberately using the verb rape) the different resolutions of the United Nations?

Part of the answers to these questions is the sordid role of the Mossad. What is Mossad? In 1949 the Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Guerion recommended the creation of an institution which will coordinate the activities of the intelligence of Israel to protect the interests of Israel. ‘Mossad le Aliyah Beth’ (better known as Mossad) was formed on the foundations of a wealth of knowledge collected during the Second World War.

There are three main bodies which provide the services of Intelligence (and the word must be interpreted very broadly) to the state of Israel. They are the Aman (military Intelligence) the shin bet (internal security but which is not limited to operate within the frontiers of Israel and the Mossad which is the main entity. All the Arab leaders fear the Mossad. And rightly so as the Mossad can kill anyone of them if it is in the interests of the state of Israel to do so.

Since 1951 Mossad is part of the Prime Minister’s office of Israel Mossad reports directly to the Prime Minister. It is widely known that the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein, Khadaffi and Ben Laden were monitored by Mossad till their last seconds.

Mossad employs around 2000 full time staff not a big enterprise you will be tempted to infer when you compare it with other Arab intelligence services but in terms of efficiency Mossad is the number one in the world. Mossad has roughly around one million very reliable informers around the world. Mossad is supported by a system which does not exist anywhere else in the world. The system supporting Mossad is called “Sayanim”. What does it mean? A Hebrew concept which means “to help”. It consists of a wide network of helpers from all sorts of fields (from doctors – lawyers – engineers –  bankers – scientists – prostitutes – escort girls-…) there are tens of thousands of these devoted helpers around the world.

Some young brothers and sisters have asked me whether it is true that the Mossad has an assassin unit? We must not be naïve. The answer is yes the assassin unit is known as “KIOON”. Today “KIOON” has around 100 assassins including beautiful women (no need to say that the average man will lose off his guard before an attractive and sexy woman) and the headquarters of “KIOON” is in the underground of Negev Desert which is not far from Israel’s Nuclear facility in DIMONA. “KIOON” can kill at anytime and anywhere in the world. The speciality of “KIOON” is that they can make a killing look accidental. And everybody (specially the experts will say it is an accident and the world will believe it is an accident). Definitely the “KIOON” will never ever commit a crime. The way the secret service of the Saudi Arabia has done…]


  • The killing of Fathi Shaquaat the founder of the Palestinian resistance movement. Islamic Jihad in Malta after he has met Khadaffi in Tripoli.
  • The killing of Dr Gerard Bull the brain behind the super gun which he refused to give to Israel but who offered his services to Saddam Hussein.
  • The poisoning by the means of polonium of Yasser Arafat.

According to Suraya Dadoo and Firoz Osman in “Why Israel” another powerful tactic used by the “KIOON” is “the use of female assassins who lure victims using their sexual prowess to obtain vital information. Rabbis in Israel have even announced that is permissible in JUDAISM for female spies to sleep with the enemy”…