PRAY FOR THEM : Israel will steal Palestinian lands

Never ever since the foundation of the State of Israel has the Arab world and all those worldwide and support the Palestinian cause been so weak! Never! No need to draw a picture of the deep turmoil presently haunting all Arab countries. Mere coincidence? One must be naive or stupid to believe in coincidence. In world politics, there is no coincidence. So I believe that Netanyahu will go ahead with his plan (which is against International law) to annex the Jordan Valley and areas North of the Dead Sea, the village of about 350 residents and its fertile farmlands once he is elected.

Is it a stunt because of the looming general elections? No! No! Why procrastinate? The Arab world is divided. Even Russia, India and China are now courting Israel. And Israel can rely on the unconditional support of Trump who has only one year to go. The Presidential elections in the USA are scheduled for November 2020. The Zionist lobby is fully aware that the time is ripe for annexation on all major issues Trump has supported the Zionist lobby. The flagging of the statement of Benjamin Netanyahu as a political stunt is merely another ploy to divide those who support the Palestinian cause. The subliminal message is: Don’t worry! It is only an electoral stunt. Nothing will happen. But on the other hand the Zionists know that the annexation must happen now. The signs are there! They are on the walls. The Palestinians are more realistic. They know that their lands have already been annexed and they are living under the cruel Israeli occupation. Israel has taken control of ALL the water resources of the Palestinians. The Palestinians have quasi very little drinking water and quasi no water for their crops. All the water wells are under the control of Israel. Do you know that Israel systematically denies the Palestinians living in the Jordan Valley (and in the other occupied areas of West Bank) access to land, water and electricity? The intention of Israel since its inception is clear. Make life unbearable for Palestinians so that they are coerced to flee…

The area which Benjamin Netanyahu plans to annex constitutes about 30% of the occupied West Bank. And those areas bring a lot of income to the Israeli economy as Israel is already exploiting all the resources of the West Bank. But why do they not annex the whole West Bank? Fear of a great war of attrition? No! The Israelis don’t want the demographical balance to tilt in favour of the Palestinians. That’s why the Israelis would not include the town of Jericho as it will force Benjamin Netanyahu to address the issue (thorny one!) of the status of thousands of Palestinian citizens. The plan of the Zionists is to cut off Jericho from other Palestinians towns in the occupied West Bank.

Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday the 10th of July that Israel will apply Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan valley and the Nothern Dead Sea immediately if he secured a record fifth term (better than Ben Gurion who was the first Prime minister of Israel who led his country from 1948 to 1963 with a short interval in 1954-1955. He also led Israel during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war after uniting various (from right wings to left wings) militias into the Israel defense forces(IDF). David Ben Gurion is also known as Israel’s founding father). In the coming general elections of the 17th September the proposed annexations presently lie in an area known as “AREA C” which means they are mostly under Israeli military and civil control.

As part of the OSLO ACCORDS which the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) ( of the respected Yasser Arafat) and Israel in 1993 and 1995 the illegally occupied West Bank was divided into three areas A, B and C. Areas A & B are under the rule of the Palestinian Authority which was granted very limited powers of administration. The Oslo Accords have left Israel in complete control i.e economy, civil and security matters in more than 60% of the West Bank designated as “Area C”. even in areas A & B Israel has full external security control. Israel has retained the right to enter these areas whenever they like to raid homes, destroy houses, evict any person and to arrest & detain any person even very young children.

We must also not forget about 2.8 million Palestinians live in the highly crowded areas of “Area A” & “Area B”. The major Palestinian cities & towns are Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nablus and Hebron.

But what is particular with Area C it is in that area that the majority of the illegal Jewish settlements live. And according to B’tselem, the main Israeli human rights group, Israel has restricted Palestinians in “Area C” from building & has systematically denying requests for building permits. How does Israel block access to Palestinians in “Area C” ? The blocking of Palestinian Development in Area C is done through a plethora of tricks by “designating large swaths of Palestinian owned land as State land, survey land, firing zones, nature reserves and national parks”. Worst: Palestinians in “Area C” are also unable to access to basic resources such as water. And the other side of the coin is that the Jews of Israel (white Jews not Black ones) are given with all sorts of facilities very big plots of land that are connected to advanced infrastructure such as Jewish exclusive roads (worse than Apartheid) which zigzag through the Palestinian areas to “avoid” the Palestinian people. At this stage it is imperative to know the stand of the two main Israeli political parties on occupation.

The Likud is headed by the fascist Benjamin Netanyahu and has vowed to annex Jordan Valley & Northern Dead Sea regions of occupied West Bank. The Likud, a right wing party, is for tough policies towards the Palestinians. Likud is against a two state solution to the deepest conflict in the world. Don’t forget (or ever forget!) that Benjamin Netanyahu has said “with the help of God, we will apply Jewish sovereingty to all communities, as part of the land of Israel and as part of the state of Israel.”


The main rival of Likud is led by Gantz and is in alliance with the Israel T.V personality Yair Lapid. The blue & white party is also for the annexation of the Jordan Valley. We falsely believe that Gantz is a centrist but in my opinion he is a right wing as Benjamin Netanyahu. We must not forget that Gantz has said that he will “bomb Gaza with its two million Palestinians to oblivion”. To oblivion means destroying completely. So times ahead for the Palestinians are very very dangerous.

Pray for the Palestinians!