By Raj Paneken

    Last Sunday at the Hindu House in anticipation of the Divali Festival, its President Veerendra Ramdhun exhorted the Prime Minister to be tough vis-à-vis his Ministers and Deputies for their faux-pas. Because any faux-pas on their part will rebound on him and his government, and can cause an irreparable damage to his government. The President of the Hindu House asked the PM not to hesitate to take disciplinary actions against the members who are dirtying the image of his government. He was very direct and blunt in his speech. « Vous devez rappeler à l’ordre vos ministres et vos députés », he added. When they transgress the bounds of decency, they should be taken to task and steps taken against them. Because at the end of the day, it is you and your government who will carry the can. He even went to the length of comparing Pravind Jugnauth with his father when it comes to take decision. He must be alluding to « bal kouler » when Sir Anerood acted promptly and asked the minister in question to step down. And what Pravind Jugnauth would have done had he been in the shoes of Sir Anerood ― wait and see. With Sir Anerood there is no wait and see but prompt actions. This is the difference between father and son. And Veerendra Ramdhun even said that when there is a snake in the house, we should get rid of it before it bites someone.

It is obvious that Pravind Jugnauth has not inherited the promptness of his father when it comes to take decision. Taking wise and prompt decision is the hallmark of a leader. If you are bankrupt of it, it plays into the hands of your opponents who will use it to turn the table on you, you bring grists to their mills and give them a stick to beat you. They are avidly waiting for situation like this. They will jump at it to make the most of it for political mileage. Failure on your part to take the right decision at the right time may cost you heavily in politics. Your opponents will capitalize on it to weaken you and bring your downfall.

A true leader does not wait for others to tell him the direction he has to take. As a captain, he should know how to steer his vessel to bring it « à bon port ». If Veerendra Ramdhun told the PM what he should do, it is obvious that he had not done what he should have done. As a leader he should have taken disciplinary actions against certain members who are soiling the image of his government, and not to wait for others to tell him what to do. While he and other members of his government are doing their level best to deliver the goods, there are others who put a spoke in the wheel. It is tantamount to while you are fishing, others are putting the fish back into the water. So, what should we do? Should we keep on fishing, business as usual? No, those who put a spoke in the wheel should be severely reprimanded along with actions taken against them. Because the government can pay a heavy price for their thoughtless deeds at the end of its mandate. Their thoughtless deeds can easily overshadow the good performance of the government.

However, it is heartwarming to note that the PM said that he had taken note of the advice of Veerendra Ramdhun. «Il a fallu que le Président de la Hindu House lui dise ce qu’il devrait faire.»

Poor guy! He is still learning how to steer the vessel of the state. To think that learning is an endless process.