Continued cold-blooded killings, sometimes in broad day light, highlight the dramatic deterioration of the law and order situation in this country. We have today a police force very outdated and inefficient to master the problem of law and order, especially crimes on wheels. Murders, road accidents, corruption, drug-offences, rape, burglaries, thefts, grievous bodily harm, criminal damage to properties and other criminal offences are becoming fashionable these days.

The persistence of the crime wave in these proportions has generated deep despair in the hearts of the populace although we do not see the situation as beyond remedy. Obviously, if the authorities fail to initiate firm, decisive action to curb this plight, which has developed over the years, it would only continue to grow and wholly destroy our well-being.

Therefore, there is an urgent necessity to take stock of the situation and to ascertain how the present crime trend could be stopped. Although more and more sociological and criminological research needs to be done on this crisis which is also sapping the vital reserves of the country? It is obvious that the problem of crime has several obvious dimensions to it, which have not been adequately addressed to over the years.

The breakdown of law and order is causing a great concern to our society these days. Our police are unable to cope with the amount of crimes we have. Many people could not understand why so many crimes are left unsolved and the authors of these crimes are still on the loose.

Today our concerns about the social breakdown and immorality tend to be triggered by shocking crimes like child murder. Such alarming developments tend to place a huge question mark on the integrity and even-handedness of the police.

Our means to combat the criminal system in Mauritius is very inefficient. We need lots of researches in advanced technologies. We need expert scientists in the field of criminology. Highly updated training by experienced tutors in enforcing law is required badly in our police training centres to train new police recruits in dealing with crimes as well as tackle the causes of crime.  Preventive measures are very essential for police officers and other authorities as part of their duties for the prevention of crimes in our society, not just finding a solution to crime only after such a crime has been committed.

Why can’t we introduce a perfect trained system of Neighbours Watch just like other developed countries in Europe do? Such a system involves all neighbours to report to the police any suspicious circumstances around their areas. With this system, it makes all neighbours to be conscious as well as to be constantly on the alert of crimes for their own safety measures. For example: any stranger that keeps loitering furtively in their neighbourhood or near primary or preparatory schools, or any vehicle with suspicious people in it should be reported to their nearest police station for police to make observation and if possible to take action..

I fully agree with the idea of capital punishment being reintroduced in Mauritius. Present day society is very different from past one. In the past, crimes were very rare and most of the crimes were due to sudden anger or provocation. But today they are so different from those of the past. Most of the crimes are well-planned, premeditated and carried out without the slightest care and remorse on the part of the criminals. Crime is becoming an industry today. Therefore, we need to reintroduce the death penalty to curb the high crime rate. The only thing is we should have proper trials.

We also need to monitor certain defence lawyers who keep misleading the criminal courts, knowing fully well that their clients have committed the crimes but still find or try to mislead the courts so that their clients get away scot free of such crimes they have committed.

Ahmad Macky (The Author)

NOTE : Les points de vue exprimés dans cette rubrique ne reflètent pas nécessairement ceux de la rédaction.