Have mercy on human being also

Australia is burning and the appalling pictures which are taking the lion’s share on media and social media are really heart breaking. Big dense forests have been overwhelmed by wild fire which is ravaging both fauna and flora in its passage. About one billion animals have already died in this infernal fire. Mankind on the other hand is leaving no stone unturned in order to come to the rescue of those victims of the damned fire.

It is to understand that both species have the right to live on this beautiful planet of ours. The eco system should give opportunity to every species to live in harmony with nature. Pets, beasts of burden and even wild animals are part of our eco system. Whenever any specie is on the verge of extinction it is due to the rapid intervention of man that the latter survive. Man has always shown compassion to animals. Once a shark was found with a metal stuck in its jaw. The fishermen immediately launched an SOS. Soon a team of rescuer came to aid the almost dying shark. In Australia the same scenario is being repeated. Koalas and kangaroo together with other wild and tame animals are taken care of by the people at large.

But when it comes to human being, I wonder where the compassion goes? Mankind becomes extremely brutal in killing his fellow counterparts. In the past ruthless killings were taking place because of wars and superiority complex. Besides wars, the terrorist attack on innocent people takes heavy death toll on human lives. In India public lynching of innocent people on religious ground happens to shock many viewers. in the same way the massacre of the Palestinians by the rogue state of Israel, butchering old and small kids and the civilians imparts a vivid lesson to us how mankind has become merciless. Just imagine the situation where a Rohingya lady was being gang raped when her child was thrown in the fire. Is it humanity? The Bosnian people had known the same fate where mass killing had taken place.

Are we trying to justify the theory of the ‘Survival of the Fittest?’ advocated by Herbert Spencer. Fortunately some good people who shun war and fighting happen to save the honour of humanity. When will this gruesome war and wrangle take an end? Killing in the name of race, religion, caste and creed brings pleasure to some people.

Great effort is made to save the world from pollution. But some mischievous people will always try to destroy what others take pain to construct. In the process of saving other species we would also think to save mankind, a much civilized socio- political animal.