Enough is enough Mr Prime Minister, don’t dilly-dally on the Commission of inquiry recommendation

By Dr Samuel Nicholas Duymun

I seem to have difficulty in understanding the logics of our PM these days. Notwithstanding the adverse report of the Commission of Inquiry on certain barristers namely Jadoo-Jaunboccus, Gulbul, and Teeluckdharry who are prominent politician figures in the MSM, the PM seems to take his time to abide with the recommendations of such Commission Inquiry on these barristers.  Let us not forget that the general public will judge him on his firm decision that he will take  and act on the recommendation of the Commission of Inquiry. And yet, in the Lam Shang Leen report , our PM seems to be afraid in taking sanctions against these mentioned barristers. When I say sanctions I mean they should at least be chucked out of the MSM as members. Let us hope that the Authority concerned such as ICAC, POLICE, BAR COUNCIL and MRA act upon the recommendation of the Commission ofInquiry and, if need be,  prosecute these barristers in a Court of Law. The Bar Council should take the matter seriously as there is definitely a violation of legal ethics if ever these barristers are convicted by a Court of Law. Otherwise the people won’t have faith in our judiciary system. There should be no cover up by neither this government nor the authority concerned such as the police,  Icac, and the bar council .

On the other hand, we are fed up  to hear the constant blackmailing of Showkutally Soodhun against this government especially the PM in an endeavour to bring the latter and his government at bay as to whether or not the said Soodhun will stay or leave this government for a Rs 17 m job in Saudi Arabia. Enough is enough on the Soodhun Saga as the population is sick and tired to listen to such black mailing garbage of that unstable man. This is the second time Soodhun did that to the Jugnauth government. If we recalled, the last time he black mailed his government on a job he had supposedly got by Le Bureau International du Travail which he turned down. Is it not high time that the PM shows his determination to once for all take sanctions against Showkutally Soodhun for misleading the entire population and keep soiling the reputation of his government which is actually stained with all sorts of scandals and having lots of difficulties in persuading the population to trust all its politicians.

Many intellectuals as well as laymen have often called the bluff of Showkutally Soodhun on many occasions. Why on earth the PM is still swallowing all the bluff and blunders of Soodhun and is afraid to get rid of him for good.

“Mille fois Fazila Daureawoo ki enn Soodhun” are the comments we often hear in the markets, under the verandah of shops, in the Super Markets, and in front of the Bakery. Soodhun has committed a catalogue of blunders and even went as far as insulting vulgarly creole women who have applied for housing in certain areas. All these misconducts of Soodhun have not been taken into consideration by the PM and yet the said Soodhun is still bragging that he would soon get his Ministerial post.  Well if that is the case, Pravind Jughnauth  would have to say goodbye to his political career not only as a PM but to his prestige and dignity as a respected political leader facing the general public.

It is about time that the PM should get rid of all the black sheeps in his party namely the Tarolah, Dayal, Jaunboccus, Teeluckdharry, and Soodhun. The worst scandal that people would never forget is  when Tarolah within a sacred and respected institution like our Parliament , committed a very indecent act towards a female. This sort of disgusting action , C’est du jamais vu. And yet we have a PM who takes things easy and relies on the out come of police investigations in which people have lost their trust and confidence.

Therefore , it is about time that the PM stops dilly-dally about taking actions on the blunders of  the above mentioned members of his party. Enough is enough Mr Prime Minister! Why can’t you take the bull by the horn if possible? At least this will bring back values to the MSM, the party you are leading